Our Mission
The mission for my company is to elevate the palates of everyday tea and coffee enthusiasts and anyone who wants to enjoy tea and coffee from around the world, and to help empower youth and young adults who want to be a part of a business that has set high standards for itself all while gaining knowledge of the tea and coffee industry.

Who We Are
Following a long career in Corporate America and the Academic World, I dreamed of making a better life for my family. In 2003 I opened my first coffeehouse.  After five years of growth I realized I wanted more and my customers were yearning for more from my business, thus my full service restaurant and catering service was born.  Now our coffee and tea are sold online.

My love for coffee dates back to my childhood, when my father gave me my first sip of coffee from his saucer.  The love for tea came later; but I love them equally.  Later, I discovered a whole new world of tea and coffee from across the country and internationally.   Attending expositions and seminars within the states has given me a wealth of knowledge in this industry.

Ironically, the name of my first company was thought of on the same day seven years prior.  The name of my newest company is “IndividualiTEA and Coffee”.  Derived from the word individual, I discovered I was just that, an individual with a creative mind and great business sense.  The words of my late father, while speaking at a family reunion rang loud and clear “If it is to be, it’s up to you to be”.   My vision is clear; that it is up to me to help elevate palates around the world, and help each person to create their own Individuality through tea and coffee.

IndividualiTEA and Coffee Company is owned and operated by Linda Sanders, who has over 22 years experience in event planning, she is a college graduate, a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)G), and a member of Meeting Professionals International (MPI).  She is also a member of her local Chamber of Commerce, and of course; the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and The Tea Association of America Inc. 

Chef J. Michael Sanders is at it again with mouth watering culinary delights that please the palate.

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Elevate your palate and Create your own Individuality!
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